Did you know…In the veteran and first responder community over 85% of marriages end in divorce.

”I decided not to quit on my husband. Ever. We will suffer together, celebrate together, trust God together, remain hopeful together, battle through this thing called PTS together, and definitely laugh together. It is said that laughter reduces pain and allows us to tolerate discomfort. I’ve experienced the benefits of laughter from having a ridiculously funny husband. God designed him that way for a reason…a reason that is so clear to me now. Courage is contagious…So will you be courageous with me?”

— Tara Johnson-Brower


Loving Traumatized people can bring a different dynamic to your family life. we understand this can affect the hero's spouse, significant other, children, and loved ones in unique ways...we have walked in similar shoes and are here for you.

SheWillStay® provides the growth and support needed to empower our Hero’s wives and significant others to better understand their partner, and improve their essential relationships.

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SheWillStay® participants are real women with real feelings. We will always respect their privacy, and the privacy of their families by leaving their identities anonymous. The following responses are quotes from SheWillStay® participants.

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