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Dr. David Beach D.Min

The Post Traumatic Growth Inventory applies the doctoral studies of Dr. David Beach, mental health director at LifeGR®. Rather than utilize current medical models, which don’t appear to be working for many survivors, we shift our focus from post-diagnosis symptom management to post-diagnosis growth and reconstruction as developed by the authors of the Post Traumatic Growth Inventory (PTGI).

Six Month Growth and Reconstruction Study of LifeGR® Participants

*half of those who completed at least six months scored low enough in symptom severity to warrant a reassessment for PTSD.

SheWillStay® growth group evaluations.

Tara Johnson-Brower / SWS Founder

The SheWillStay® success rate is based on SheWillStay® Growth Group outcomes. All participants who complete the seven growth group sessions are included. Tara Johnson-Brower and Dr. David Beach have positively impacted hundreds of relationships, which in turn positively impacts their family for generations to come.

SheWillStay® Growth Group Evaluations are represented in percentages.