tara Johnson-Brower

President of the Board of Directors

Tara Johnson-Brower serves as President of the Board of Directors for LifeGR®. She brings over 15 years of professional development, business finance, and entrepreneurial experience to the organization. In this position, Tara leads the organization in strategic planning, sets short- and long-term goals to ensure the organization is mission-centered and outcome-oriented, and monitors progress of committees and aligns their work with organizational mission and goals.

Prior to co-founding LifeGR®, Tara owned and operated multiple successful businesses, coached high school athletics, and was recognized as an industrywide top 1% independent distributer in the network marketing arena. Tara and Jesse Johnson-Brower have been married over a decade and have two wonderful children together.

jesse Johnson-Brower

Chief Executive Officer

Jesse Johnson-Brower serves as Chief Executive Officer of LifeGR®. He brings over 20 years of combined military and executive leadership experience to the organization. In this position, Jesse oversees day-to-day operations and works with the executive team to set and implement the organization’s strategic vision. He is responsible for ensuring LifeGR® programs and services continue to have the greatest possible impact on the American Heroes and families we serve.   

“American service members, veterans, and first responders are predisposed to experience trauma. For far too long these Heroes felt the need to stuff their feelings and continue as if nothing had happened, which has led to uncountable suicides, divorces, and depression. From personal experience I knew we could help, which is why LifeGR® was created. I feel so humbly honored to be such a small part of our Hero’s big life story. Our Post Traumatic Stress Growth and Reconstruction therapy has already positively impacted the lives of so many of our Heroes and their families, and we are only getting started.”

Prior to co-founding LifeGR®, Jesse served as a non-commissioned officer in the 3rd United States Infantry Regiment, Escort to President George W. Bush. As a serial entrepreneur, Jesse has founded and held executive positions in multiple for-profit and non-profit organizations. Jesse and Tara Johnson-Brower have been married over a decade and have two wonderful children together.

Dr. David Beach D.Min

Mental Health Director

Dr. Dave Beach serves as Mental Health Director to LifeGR®. Dr. Beach brings over 40 years of professional experience to the organization. In this position Dr. Beach develops, plans, supervises, and executes mental health services to improve the lives of our American Heroes and their families. 

“LifeGR® emerged out of the painful inadequacies of our system of care for veterans and first responders. As a result, we dedicate our efforts and our resources to providing choices for more compassionate care not only to veterans and first responders but also to their families. Being a part of this effort to stand in the gap has become one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done.”

Prior to joining LifeGR’s® leadership team, Dr. Beach owned and operated his private practice with concentration in grief and marriage. As an award-winning instructor, he writes and taught college-level courses in psychopathology, grief and loss, social science research, and statistics. He completed a doctorate at George Fox University in spiritual formation and leadership. His award-winning dissertation provides the basis for Post Traumatic Stress Growth and Reconstruction and represents the best of several recent approaches to trauma. Dr. Beach is happily married with one daughter.