National Global War on Terror Memorial Trail

The Global War on Terror Memorial Trail® is an idea, a vision we’re nurturing, to transcend mere pathways and become a heartfelt salute to our time’s heroes. We’re in the early stages of crafting a space that will not just be about walking, but about remembering, honoring, and connecting. Imagine a trail stretching 20 miles, with each mile echoing a year of the Global War on Terror (GWOT). Every 15 feet, we envision a marble monument—a total of 7,015—each standing as a testament to valor, dedication, and sacrifice. These won’t be mere stones but symbols, enshrining names, stories, and dedications. This trail, in our collective vision, will be an emotional journey, a tribute to bravery, and a reflection of the profound cost of freedom. As we embark on this conceptual journey, we invite your thoughts, your support, and your commitment to making this vision a reality. Let’s co-create a space of remembrance, ensuring no sacrifice goes unnoticed.

GWOT U.S. KIA total (2001 -2021)


On September 11, 2021, Jesse Johnson-Brower, the dynamic co-founder & CEO of LifeGR, etched his name in the annals of history by embarking on a profoundly symbolic journey. Covering an astounding 487 miles across six states, Jesse became the first soul ever to connect the three national 9/11 memorials by foot. His pilgrimage, termed the “9/11 Memorial Walk,” commenced at the solemn grounds of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in New York City. From there, with unwavering resolve, he traced a path to the poignant National Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA, culminating his historic journey at the National Pentagon Memorial on that very significant day. Jesse’s walk stands not just as a personal feat but as a moving tribute to the indomitable spirit of a nation and the memories of those we lost.

As Jesse traversed each mile, he discovered the profound therapeutic essence of walking. This revelation ignited a desire within him to craft a sanctified space; a place where families, friends, and visitors could tread softly, find solace, and honor cherished memories.

Fallen Hero Sponsor Levels

By stepping up as a donor, you have the power to leave an indelible mark. Whether you choose to sponsor a memorial for a fallen hero or contribute to the Wall of Appreciation, your support becomes a lasting testament to bravery, sacrifice, and our shared commitment to remembering and honoring. Let’s come together and make a difference, one hero at a time.


Fallen Hero Memorial
$ 5,000


Wall of Appreciation
$ 2,500