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LifeGR came to life from a real-life roller coaster ride. Sgt. Jesse Johnson-Brower, with the unwavering support of his wife Tara, had a tough time fitting back into everyday life after his military service days.


Back in 2006, Jesse decided to turn to the Veterans Affairs (VA) for some help. He was dealing with both physical injuries from his time in the service and some heavy-duty mental health stuff. The VA, after checking him out, said he had ADHD and put him on this super addictive drug called methylphenidate.


Things spiraled from there. Jesse got hooked, and the aftermath wasn’t pretty. He lost his home, became homeless, and was completely tied down by the addiction to the meds that the VA gave him.


The twist in the story? After what felt like ages, the VA rechecked Jesse’s condition and figured they’d made a big mistake. Turns out, Jesse had PTSD, not ADHD. They apologized for the mix-up, but the damage was done.


That whole ordeal lit a fire under both Jesse and Tara. They decided no one else should go through such a maze without a guide. That’s how LifeGR was born: from their journey, their struggles, and their determination to make things right for others.


Johnson-Brower targeted by VA for sharing experiences publicly.

Jesse was charged with medical fraud by the VA’s CID division after the interview was broadcast. He hired an attorney, requested a personal hearing at VA headquarters, and paid for private healthcare.

Private Heath Care

The VA missed the mark for over ten years, but private health pros saw it in a snap: Johnson-Brower got the wrong surgery at Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital back in 2004.


Imagine this: for more than a decade, he lived with the pain from that botched operation, stuck in bed or leaning on a walker for a big chunk of his days. And the VA’s solution? Drown it out with pain meds.


Fed up, Johnson-Brower said “enough” to the VA and turned to Dr. Todd Brown. Dr. Brown stepped up, performing a series of surgeries that fused nine of Johnson-Brower’s vertebrae. Now that’s the kind of care he should’ve had from the get-go.

2020 Back Fusion | 5 x Vertebra
2021 Calf Surgery | Foot Drop Atrophy
2021 Neck Fusion | 1 x Vertebra
2023 Neck Fusion | 4 x Vertebra

You can decide to get BITTER or get BETTER.

Instead of holding a grudge against the VA, Johnson-Brower channeled his experiences to help fellow veterans. Over time, LifeGR evolved into the powerhouse it is today. Initially, they provided just counseling services, but they soon recognized that their strengths extended beyond therapy. They had a knack for rescue. Thanks to Jesse’s vast network and firsthand experiences, LifeGR now boasts tier 1 capabilities. They operate in those complex “grey areas,” stepping up to save veterans in peril or dire need. It turns out, parting ways with the VA wasn’t just a pivotal moment for Johnson-Brower, but a catalyst for LifeGR’s transformative journey.

LifeGR is Hope Respect Grit Unity Sacrifice Patriotism Success Growth Safety 

Since 2017 LifeGR has provided free services to over 3,000 veterans and their families. LifeGR funded by patriots just like you. Please consider joining Charlie Company by pledging just $13/month.