20th Anniversary

9/11 Memorial Walk

Bridging Monuments and Memories: Johnson-Brower's Historical Trek

Jesse Johnson-Brower, the visionary founder and CEO of LifeGR, etched his name in history on September 11, 2021, when he became the first individual to complete an awe-inspiring journey that spanned 487 miles across six states in just 26 days. This monumental walk wasn’t just any expedition; it was a heartfelt tribute connecting the three national 9/11 monuments.


The significance of Johnson-Brower’s journey extends beyond the sheer physicality of it. This walk symbolized unity, remembrance, and resilience. The three national 9/11 monuments—located in New York City, Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia—stand as poignant reminders of the lives lost, the heroes who emerged, and the national solidarity that followed the tragic events of September 11, 2001. By physically connecting these memorials, Johnson-Brower aimed to weave together the collective memories and emotions associated with each site.

Cco. 3rd US INF (TOG)

Jesse’s connection to 9/11 is profoundly personal. He was a member of Cco. 3rd US INF (TOG) on that tragic day. This group, now known as the “Forgotten Band of Brothers,” was the first to respond to the attacks on the Pentagon. For 15 challenging days, they bore the somber responsibility of removing the human remains of all 184 victims. And, as Jesse approached the culmination of his poignant journey, this same band of brothers was waiting at Cco. on Ft. Myer, VA. In a moving display of camaraderie, they escorted Jesse on the last few miles to the Pentagon Memorial.


Johnson-Brower with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

For many, Johnson-Brower’s odyssey represented the indomitable spirit of a nation that refuses to forget its past while walking firmly towards its future. As the founder and CEO of LifeGR, a name which seems ever more fitting in light of his endeavor, Jesse Johnson-Brower not only paid tribute to the past but also encouraged others to find purposeful ways of commemorating history. His journey, undeniably challenging and introspective, reminds us all of the importance of reflection, of understanding our shared history, and of forging connections that transcend physical and emotional boundaries.

Special thanks to “Forgotten Brother” Scott Carter for capturing our memory.