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A Journey from the Brink: The Power of Intervention

How One Night Changed a Life and Sparked a Mission

In 2013, a call for help pierced the usual bustle at LifeGR. A veteran’s wife, desperate and fearful, reached out because her husband, a hero wounded by an IED in Iraq, was spiraling out of control, his mind clouded by a traumatic brain injury and the grip of addiction. Positioned with a weapon, ready for a standoff that could end his life, he was on the edge of despair. Jesse Johnson-Brower, a name now synonymous with hope at LifeGR, answered the call.

Jesse found the veteran in a state of high tension, armed and dangerous, not to the world, but to himself. With a heart full of empathy and a resolve of steel, Jesse did not leave his side, navigating through the night’s dark hours, a beacon of hope in the veteran’s storm of despair. This act of bravery was the beginning, not the end.

When the veteran vanished, driven by addiction to the streets of Miami, it was Jesse who tracked him down. In a place where hope seemed lost, Jesse found him and, with unwavering determination, brought him back from the brink, driving over 3,000 miles to a place where recovery awaited.

This story, however, doesn’t end with just a return to sobriety. Over five transformative years, the veteran found his purpose, becoming an invaluable member of the LifeGR team. With a unique understanding of the addict’s mindset and an intimate knowledge of the streets, he now plays a crucial role in rescuing others, turning his past into a tool for redemption and hope.

This journey, from the depths of despair to becoming a lighthouse for others, embodies the essence of LifeGR’s mission: intervention, recovery, and transformation. It’s a testament to the power of personal connection, relentless dedication, and the belief that every veteran deserves a chance to reclaim their life. Join us in this mission—your support can light the path for many more.

Vigilantes for Veterans

We’re in the business of standing up for our veterans, and let me tell you, it’s not for the faint of heart. Our work is dangerous, but we’re built for it. Our teams? They’re made of the best of the best – Tier 1 and Tier 2 military special operations veterans and soldiers who’ve been in the thick of it and know what it takes to make a difference. We don’t shy away from challenges; we meet them head-on. Forget the old, slow ways of doing things. We’re about action, protection, and fighting for what’s right. We’re not just here to offer words of comfort; we’re on the front lines, making real change happen. Because for our veterans, we don’t just wait for change. We are the change. Welcome to LifeGR: Your Vigilantes for Veterans, where danger is part of the job, and making a difference is what we do.

-Jesse Johnson-Brower | Co-Founder & President

Join Charlie Company

At LifeGR, we’re all about taking bold action for our veterans, with Charlie Company at our core. This elite group of Tier 1 and Tier 2 military special ops veterans leads the charge on our most critical missions, from daring rescues to providing essential support for veterans in recovery.

By joining Charlie Company with your donation, you’re not just supporting; you’re making a real impact. Your contributions power the crucial efforts that help our veterans rebuild their lives after facing unimaginable challenges. Join us at LifeGR: Your Vigilantes for Veterans, where bravery and action unite.

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Another 100% donor funded success

The individual in the above picture is a real-life U.S. Navy veteran associated with LifeGR. After enduring a heart-wrenching trauma during his service, he tragically turned to methamphetamines as a means of coping. This temporary escape spiraled into a debilitating addiction, leading him to the desolation of Skid Row in Los Angeles for more than two years. Having been missing for over 60 days, the dedicated LifeGR team located him and embarked on a 2,200-mile journey to ensure he received the rehabilitation he so deeply needed.


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Honoring our fallen Ranger at Michigan International Speedway

On Aug. 5th, 2023, LifeGR and the Mondo Sports Group honored fallen U.S. Army Ranger, Cpl. Michael D. Jankiewicz (Jankie) by memorializing Jankie on the hood of NASCAR legend, Jeffrey Eanhardt’s race car at Michigan International Speedway. 

We were overwhelmed with joy to host Jankie’s active duty platoon of Rangers from 3rd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment who joined us from Ft. Benning, GA, at Michigan International Speedway on August 5th, as we remembered and honor our fallen Ranger.